Faith taking best in show!

Our facebook group is a fun active site for non business related posts. We do not post puppies for
sale as it is against facebook policy. Instead you will see lots of pictures and videos of our dogs
and puppies we have sold in action as everyone brags about their accomplishments.

PLEASE do not join this facebook group and ask if anyone knows of anything for sale. This group is
a private group for my dogs and my buyers only. We do not recommend or endorse any other
breeders. We will remove those posts and the person who posted them.
Here are Stoverly we pride ourselves on not cutting corners.
We want to do what ever is necessary to provide you with the BEST quality puppies possible.
We NEVER skip testing to save money.
We do not sacrifice our dogs temperaments just to produce puppies.
We do not deviate from the written breed standard by preferring prick ears or breeding unrecognised
colours and passing them off as rare.
We will not sell you a cheaply bred puppy.
Our moto is
Even if it just a family pet, it deserves to be the BEST quality possible!  
We stand behind that statement!

We also pride ourselves on breeding for a very smart, athletic and versatile all around intelligent dog for active
families. Our dogs are successful in Conformation, agility, flyball, disc, dock diving, herding, scent detection,
pet therapy and service work.

Our dogs are not for everyone, but they are true aussies by nature!

Please grab a beverage and browse the website, we spend a lot of time
trying to keep it up to date with all the latest information you could want to
decide if this breed is suitable for your family and if I am the breeder you
wish to deal with.
For our owners only
A private website (log in required)

We are creating a new partner website loaded with training information in video
format. Basic manners, grooming needs, obedience and tricks.

I have been training dogs since I was 16 when I bought my first pure bred Sheltie.
I have done obedience, agility, flyball, disc, demo's at fall fairs.
I was a member of CAPPDT and an obedience instructor with the Simcoe County
Obedience Club when it was running and then I moved on to private training. I only
stopped public training services when we moved to Midland to focus more on my
breeding program. I hope my background in dog training can help my buyers have
fantastic relationships with their dogs.

You will get log in information when you pick up your puppy.