My name is Sue and my husband is Roy.  
I am a professional breeder who is striving to produce Australian Shepherds and Miniature Amercian
Shepherds correct in structure, looks and temperament while having a variety of sizes available to suit
different needs. I follow the written breed standards as set out by my breed clubs.

My main focus is the Miniature American Shepherd but my foundation has always been with the Aussie
and we do have a few Aussie litters each year to provide larger dogs for those who do not want a smaller

I occasionally compete with my breeding dogs in conformation. I feel that if you are breeding dogs and not
constantly comparing your dogs to other dogs of the same breed in the conformation ring, you will not know
if your dogs are up to the current standard of quality or not. To say you do not need to show your dogs to
know they are quality is a lazy mans way of saying they don't care what quality they are breeding.
Every breeder should be able to have their breeding dogs pointed and even obtain championships if they are
in a breeding program. To have dogs that continue to show against others and continue to get beaten means
that the quality of your dogs conformation ( the way he is put together structurally )  is substandard and you
should rethink it's place in a breeding program.  

I breed for brains and intelligence above all else. My dogs are bred to be smarter than your average dog and
they LOVE to work with you. I breed dogs to be active in every aspect of the performance world even if it's
just for fun. They play disc (frisbee), agility, flyball, dock diving, herding and tracking/scent detection. We are
very proud of how smart and versatile our dogs are, this can not be said for every other breeder, many are
focusing on making their dogs lazy so they appeal to city dwellers and their sales go up. My dogs are not
for everyone, they are smart, active and need homes who want to interact and engage with them. If you
are looking for a lazy couch warmer of a dog, please do not contact me, you will not be happy with a puppy
from me and my puppy will not be happy in your laid back life style.  

My dogs all live in the house. We only live with a small number of dogs ourselves and the rest live with
partner families to allow them to all be spoiled family pets. They are all house pets first and foremost.
Breeding and showing is their secondary lifestyle. They are not kept in "show" condition day to day. My guys
love to get dirty and roll in the mud. They are dogs and are allowed to act like dogs.

Puppies are bred, born and raised in our home. They are raised as family members and will be sold as such.
Even dogs who are sold to other breeders as show/breed animals will be sold as house pets first and are not
to be kennel dogs.

All the information you could ever want on me and my dogs is here in this website.

What sets us apart from other breeders is GENETIC TESTING.  We actually do it, not just say we do, and
we provide proof in writing as well as posting scanned copies of those tests on each dogs individual page.
We test every single puppies eyes before we sell them and to our knowledge we are the only breeder in all
of Ontario doing this with every puppy in every litter. The reason this is so important is that there are many
things you can not see with the naked eye. Iris Coloboma, Small Optic Nerves, Retinal Folds etc are just a
few of the things we look for and have found in the past. Without the 7 week eye test our buyers would have
been paying full price for a puppy who deserved to be discounted due to an eye anomaly that only an
ophthalmologist can see.  
**Covid Update, puppy eye exams are on hold as ophthalmologists are not offering them at this time**

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Please note my website is the most up to date place for our plans and what puppies we have.
While I will occasionally post what is for sale on facebook I DO NOT keep facebook up to date.
Always refer back to the website for availability, price and plans!

PLEASE do not join this facebook group and ask if anyone knows of anything for sale.
This group is a private group for my dogs and my buyers. We do not recommend or endorse
any other breeders. We will remove those posts.
Here are Stoverly we pride ourselves on not cutting corners.
We want to do what ever is necessary to provide you with the BEST quality
puppies possible. We NEVER skip health testing to save money. We do not
sacrifice our dogs temperaments just to produce puppies. We do not deviate
from the written breed standard by "preferring" prick ears or breeding
unrecognised colours and passing them off as rare.
We will not sell you a cheaply bred puppy.
Our moto is
Even if it just a family pet, it deserves to be the BEST quality possible
and we stand behind that statement!

We chose our kennel name very carefully to set us apart from other breeders.
Anyone can throw two dogs together and produce puppies, that part is easy,
but to produce great quality puppies who will leave their mark on the world
takes a very different type of breeder and we want that to be us.

We use the term STOVERLY as an adjective

an adjective is a descriptive word that describes a noun, our noun is our dogs.
When you hear it is a STOVERLY dog, we want you to think of great things.
For our owners only
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We have created a new partner website
loaded with training information in video
format. Basic manners, grooming needs,
obedience and tricks, it is always being
updated with new information.

I have been training dogs since I was 16
when I bought my first pure bred Sheltie. I
have done obedience, agility, flyball, disc,
demo's at fall fairs. I was a member of
CAPPDT and an obedience instructor with the
Simcoe County Obedience Club when it was
running and then I moved on to private
training. I only stopped public training
services when we moved to Midland. I hope
my background in dog training can help my
buyers have fantastic relationships with their

You will get log in information when you pick
up your puppy. :)