Sue and Roy Stover
Midland Ontario
We breed our rabbits to produce meat for the table. While they make lovely docile pets and we are happy to sell them
as pets, their main purpose is to produce big litters of big babies to end up in the freezer. Our breeding animals all
have names and we keep track of their production. We are happy to sell you rabbits to start up your own breeding
program or to put in your freezer.

*If you would like a rabbit already slaughtered for your freezer you must contact us and pre-order, we only send in to
slaughter what we have orders for around the same time we send in pigs and we do not send in much more than what
we have orders for. We slaughter our own rabbits for our own freezer but we can not sell what we slaughter ourselves.
In order to sell you the rabbit meat we must send the rabbits to Sprucedale for processing in a licensed facility. We will
post dates of when we are processing and if you would like to order rabbit we will happily organize that with you, there
may be a minimum order to make the 2 hour trip worth while*
One of our original girls. She is a sweet docile laid back girl, she
produces 8 babies on average, is a wonderful mom.
A daughter of Lucy. She got her fathers questionable personality,
she is very protective when she has babies which is fine but not an
ideal personality. Luckily her babies are all lovely like their
grandma. Esme has 6 babies on average.
Opal is our Lop Ear girl. I kept Opal for her coat colour. I keep the
fur from our rabbits and I tan it to make things with and Opal has a
lovely silver coat that she passes on to a few babies. Opal also has
7-8 babies on average and is a sweet docile girl.
Dora is a pure bred Flemish. She's a big girl and has big litters of
10-11. She is very docile and laid back which is typical Flemish
DOB May 22/15
A beautiful black girl with Flemish back ground. She is well put
together with a great loving laid back personality. She is new to us
and just getting ready to have her first litter.
DOB July 1/15
Winnie is a Flemish cross with a great personality. She will be
breeding over the winter and has a back ground of big litters so we
hope she can produce the same for us.
DOB Aug 23 2010
Alice x Sebastian
Beautiful solid girl with just enough white to make her a bit
different. She will start breeding early in 2016.
DOB Aug 23 2010
Alice x Sebastian
Since we lost a few older girls this fall we decided to keep some of
the grow outs to keep up our baby production  numbers. She is the
lighter coloured of the three girls.
DOB Aug 23 2010
Alice x Sebastian
She has her daddy's solid head shape. A nice docile girl that will
hopefully produce some nice babies for us.
Born Nov 14 2015
Esme and Sebastian
I've never had a white bunny with red eyes and since she's the
largest female in her litter I've decided to grow her up and see what
she can produce for me.
Our beautiful boy, he was out of our first litter and got his name
from his cute brown mustache. He thinks he is a puppy and follows
us around for attention. He is a great rabbit and produces fabulous
Our pure bred flemish boy who is a wonderful stud bunny. Always
eager to get the job done and very polite with the girls. So far we
love what he is producing for us.
A home grown boy, kept only for his colour because I didn't need
another stud rabbit but his colour is incredible. He is from our
flemish Diego who sadly passed away. Caramel will start to have his
own babies winter of 2015.  
Black Pure Bred Flemish Giant, papered
DOB Dec 9 2013
Tanner is new to us and is settling in nicely. He is a house rabbit.
He has no boundaries. He is litter trained and hangs out on the dog
beds. He has the sweetest disposition and follows us around like a
puppy. We are very excited to see what he produces over the
winter with some of our girls. He is a big boy at 18 pounds.