Sue and Roy Stover
Midland Ontario

These are young piglets just weaned from their mom and eating on their own. They will be 6-12 weeks old. Ready to sell to those who want to
raise up their own pigs either for meat when they are big enough to send to the butcher or to start their own breeding program. We do not cut
teeth or tails on any of our pigs.
*after 12 weeks we reserve the right to increase the price*.
BARROWS:                                                                                                                                                                                                   $200
Castrated males. These are raised up to be butchered.  Castrating makes them more docile to handle and removes any musky boar taint
from the meat.     
BOARS:                                                                                                                                                                                                         $300
Males who have not been castrated. These may be raised up for meat or used for breeding. Raising them for meat they will have a stronger
taste often refered to as boar taint. Some people like it and some do not. It can be a very strong smell when cooking and a very strong taste.
If you have never smelled or tasted it, do not raise a boar for meat. Get a barrow.  
We castrate our males at a few days old so it is best to contact us in advance to reserve a boar from a specific litter.
GILT:                                                                                                                                                                                                              $400
Females that you may raise up for meat or use for breeding. Since we can not surgically alter them to decipher between being raised for meat
or breeding (which we can do with males), we price them higher. If you want one
for breeding please let us know so we can help pick a suitable one (with the most nipples).

We understand not everyone has the space or knowledge to raise their own pigs. They take up a lot of space and they destroy that space
very quickly digging for roots and bugs, they are notorious escape artists and can drive you crazy if your not used to it. We also believe that
everyone deserves the chance to have fresh humanely raised pork from an animal of their choosing and so we are happy to help if we can.

We only keep Barrows and Gilts on the property for meat so you do not have the option of a boar.
You will choose your pig as soon as possible and we will tag it to prove it is your pig.
We will raise the pig until it is the size you want it to be butchered. Typically 6 months of age.
When you say it is large enough to butcher we will provide you with a cut sheet (how you want the pig cut up), you must fill this out and return it
to us with our final payment. Once we are paid we will deliver the pig to our abattoir. We use Sprucedale Meats near Huntsville. Once the
abattoir has the pig they will slaughter it and cut it into the cuts you have asked for. You will be charged by the abattoir per pound based on
those cuts.
When your pig is ready to be picked up the abattoir will contact you. You are then responsible for picking the pork up from the abattoir and
paying them their fees. There is the option of us picking up your meat for you if we are heading back up to pick up meat for ourselves, you
must pay the abattoir by credit card ( or give us the total via email money transfer), we will charge a $50 pick up fee and you must collect the
meat from us the same day, we do not have freezer space to keep your meat long term.
$200 weaner price (since there is no option for you to breed the pig)
$20 per week to cover our time, feed costs and gas to deliver the pig to the abattoir - Paid monthly

Average age to heavy market weight is 6-8 months, so estimated total cost would be $520 at 6 months and $680 at 8 months. You may
request we keep your pig for a shorter or longer duration at your cost depending how much money you wish to spend and how much freezer
space you have.  

If anything happens to your pig in our care we will replace it with one of similar size at no cost to you.  
Thick cut, average 1lb steaks, packaged individually
Packaged in 1lb
Packaged in aprox 1 lb (4-5 sausages per pack)
$5.00/ lb
Thick cut, average 2 lb per package, packaged in 2 or 4
Thick cut, average 2.5lb per package, packaged in 1 or 2
Bone in, average 4lb per roast
Bone in, average 4lb per roast
$4.00 /lb
We sell Meat from both Pigs and Rabbits. We also sell live animals.
Please scroll down to see all our pricing.
Pig Pricing
Priced per piece, In Stock on our farm
Rabbit Pricing
WHOLE PIG:                                                                                                                                                                                            $3.00/lb
Average 160-200 pounds hanging weight
HALF PIG                                                                                                                                                                                                 $3.50/lb
Average 75-100 pounds hanging weight                                                                                                                                          
Priced per pound of hanging weight
You don't necessarily get any say as to which pig you will be getting or what size it will be when we send it in. The pigs will all go in at the same
time and what you get is what we have available.  You will be charged an initial $300 non refundable deposit. The rest of our fee payable to us
will be based on hanging weight, once the pig is killed with head and guts removed. You are responsible for all butchering costs on top of the
price you pay us for the pig. The exact amount of meat you get back will depend on the cuts you ask for.

Kill:                                 Under 300# $60, Over 300# $80
Skin Removed                $10
Cut and Wrap                 $0.60 / lb
Smoke/Pickle                  $1.60 / lb
Sausages                       $2.00 / lb
8-16 week old live
Adult live over 16 weeks
Proven breeder, over 8 months old
Female bred to the male of your choice - guaranteed pregnant or we will re breed her for free
Whole Frozen processed rabbit, aprox 4-5 lb
6.00 / lb