Sue and Roy Stover
Midland Ontario
These are the pigs in our breeding program. We breed a combination of a rare breed called a Hereford and a more
well known breed the Tamworths. There is also a bit of Berkshire in the back ground. All of our pigs sport a beautiful
red colour. Your Herefords are a solid fast grow breed, reaching market weight on average 6-8 weeks ahead of other
heritage breeds. Full grown adults of both breeds should reach between 400 and 600 pounds. Their temperament is
fairly docile and we interact with them every day to ensure their good nature.
The meat on the pigs should be fairly lean with a nice dark red colour, not what you find in grocery stores.
Kiwi is the most laid back of all of our pigs, she is a half sister to
ButterCup, her dad is a pure bred Hereford her  mom was a
Hereford/Berkshire cross. Kiwi is sightly smaller than Butter cup but has
the best personality.
Buttercup is our largest sow, she is slightly longer than Kiwi as well
hopefully making more room for a lot of piglets. Buttercups father was a
pure bred Hereford and her mom was a Hereford/Berkshire cross.
Buttercup has a bit more of an attitude than Kiwi but is still a very gentle
Monroe came to us from Quebec and is a Pure bred Hereford. We will be
keeping back piglets from her to increase the Hereford blood lines in our
pack. Monroe thinks she is a puppy, she is sweet and loving and very
august 5th 2015
Scarlet is a deep red Tamworth. We will be using her for breeding to add
some diversity into our Hereford meats. We will likely not keep much from
the Tamworths in the way of breeding stock but will instead focus on the
babies she produces as the next generation of bacon :)
Full sister to Scarlet, she is a slightly lighter shade of red with shorter hair.
She is a sweet loving and gentle teddy bear. Again the plan is to breed
Magenta back to the Hereford lines just for meat production and not
necessarily to keep much for breeding for ourselves, we want to focus
mostly on the Hereford qualities.
Marshall is our only Boar so he will be a very busy and happy boy. He is
the sweetest guy you've ever met. He is a full litter mate to Monroe and
also came from Quebec. We are very excited for him to grow up and pass
on his amazing genetics.